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In order to participate in the certificate program, students must fulfill the following prerequisites by the end of sophomore year:

  • Completion of ONE of the following basic science courses*:
    • EEB/MOL 210 (Evolutionary Ecology)
    • EEB/MOL 211 (The Biology of Organisms)
    • MOL 101 (From DNA to Human Complexity)
    • MOL/EEB 214 (Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology)
    • MOL/EEB 215 (Quantitative Principles in Cell and Molecular Biology)
    • ISC 231-234 (An Integrated, Quantitative Introduction to the Natural Sciences)
  • Completion of ONE of the following statistics courses*:
    • ECO 202 (Statistics and Data Analysis for Economics)
    • EEB/MOL 355 (Introduction to Biostatistics)
    • ORF 245 (Fundamentals of Engineering Statistics)
    • POL 345 (Quantitative Analysis and Politics)
    • PSY 251 (Quantitative Analysis in Psychological Research)
    • SOC 301 (Sociological Research Methods)
    • WWS 200 (Statistics for Social Science)

*Students who have placed out of departmental requirements and/or introductory level courses with Advanced Placement (AP) credit have the option of taking higher level courses in lieu of the standard science and statistics prerequisites, with advance permission from the program.
- Advanced science course options: EEB 309, EEB 314, EEB 327, EEB 328
- Advanced statistics course options: ECO 302, ECO 312, ORF 405, SOC 404

  • A minimum grade of B (3.0) in each of the two prerequisite courses (from the lists above)**
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 overall, following completion of the sophomore year**
  • A demonstrated commitment to the field of global health through completion of a health-related internship, volunteer work, intellectual commitment or community service (may be completed any time before the start of the junior year)
  • Submission of an essay that describes the rationale for completing the certificate and her or his plans for the junior and senior year

**Students who do not meet the minimum grade requirements at the time of application (during the spring semester of the sophomore year) are still encouraged to apply. The program may accept a student with grades below the minimum requirements when the rest of the application is strong and thoughtfully written. Final eligibility to enroll in the program will be determined after the sophomore year grades from the spring semester have been finalized.

Students should begin planning to participate in the GHP program in the freshman year, using the Course Planning Guidelines to arrange their schedules and ensure completion of the GHP prerequisites and program of study.

Students who have not completed the prerequisites can apply to the program; however, waivers of the prerequisites are granted only in exceptional circumstances. Their applications should include an explanation of why they have not completed the prerequisites and how they plan to address this issue in their future studies.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDENTS PLANNING TO STUDY ABROAD: Students intending to enroll in the GHP program are encouraged to study abroad, but they will need to plan their prerequisites and requirements in advance in order to complete the GHP program of study. Please consult the Study Abroad Course Planning Guidelines for more information.