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AP Credit Plan

Students who have placed out of departmental requirements and/or introductory level courses with Advanced Placement (AP) credit have the option of taking higher level courses in lieu of the standard science and statistics prerequisites, with program permission. Some suggested substitute prerequisites are listed below. Prerequisite courses designated with an (F), (S), or (F, S) are offered in the Fall semester, Spring semester, or Fall and Spring semester, respectively. Courses designated with a plus sign (+) are not necessarily offered consistently and students must confirm offering in the Course Catalog.

FRESHMAN YEAR Standard basic science and statistics prerequisites (see Standard Plan) OR alternate prerequisites:
  1. Advanced Science prerequisite* (choose ONE or more of the following): EEB 309 (F), EEB 314 (S), EEB 328 (S)
  2. Advanced Statistics prerequisite* (choose ONE or more of the following): ECO 302 (F), ECO 312 (F), ORF 405 (F), SOC 404 (F+)
(Apply to GHP program in the Spring)
  1. GHP 350*
  2. GHP Elective(s)
  1. GHP 351*
  2. GHP Elective(s)
Summer in Between Summer Research Project*
  1. GHP Elective(s)
  2. Senior Thesis relating to GHP

*This requirement must be completed within the time-frame specified above. If this is not possible due to study abroad plans or conflicting departmental requirements, please refer to the alternate scenario options presented in the Study Abroad Plan