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Study Abroad Plan**

Fall Semester Study Abroad

  1. Basic Science prerequisite* (choose ONE or more of the following): EEB/MOL 210 (S+), EEB/MOL211 (F), MOL 101 (F), MOL/EEB 214 (S), MOL/EEB 215 (F), ISC 231-234
  2. Statistics prerequisite* (choose ONE of the following): ECO 202 (S), EEB/MOL 355 (S+), ORF 245 (F, S), POL 345 (F), PSY 251 (S), SOC 301 (F), WWS 200 (S)
  3. Optional: GHP 350 in fall of sophomore year (with program permission)


(Apply to GHP program in Spring)

JUNIOR YEAR Semester Abroad
  1. GHP 351*
  2. GHP Elective(s)
Summer in Between Summer Research Project*
  1. GHP 350 (if not completed sophomore year)
  2. GHP Elective(s)
  3. Senior Thesis relating to GHP*

*This requirement must be completed within the time-frame specified above. If this is not possible due to conflicting departmental requirements, please contact the GHP program to discuss your situation as soon as possible.

**In exceptional cases, the plans described above for students intending to study abroad may also be used (with minor modifications/variations as needed) for students with conflicting requirements in their areas of concentration.