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Students enrolled in the GHP program must complete two core courses and four additional health-related electives approved by the GHP program, at least one of which is in an area outside of the student's department of concentration.

The two core courses must be taken for a grade and must be completed during the junior year. (Students who study abroad or encounter scheduling conflicts with departmental requirements may arrange to take a core course before or after the junior year.)

The health-related electives must be approved by the GHP program and must comply with the following parameters:

  • One elective may be taken during the freshman or sophomore year; all other electives must be completed in the junior and senior years.
  • One elective course may be taken with the P/D/F grading option.
  • With prior program approval, one health-related course taken as part of a non-Princeton study abroad program may count as a GHP elective. (This would also count as the one course allowed with the P/D/F grading option.)