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GHP Electives

Current/recent/upcoming and past/recurring pre-approved GHP electives are listed below, grouped by fall and spring semesters.

Please note the following:

  • One elective course may be taken with the P/D/F grading option.
  • One elective may be taken during the freshman or sophomore year; all other electives must be completed in the junior and senior years.
  • At least one elective must be outside of the home department.
  • The semester in which courses are offered may change periodically.
  • Courses listed as "Fall/Spring" may be offered in either semester, but not necessarily both.
  • Not all courses listed below are offered every year. 

Students are advised to check the Registrar's listing of current course offerings or the Undergraduate Announcement for information on current and future offerings.

In addition to these pre-approved courses, GHP students may request permission to fulfill their elective requirement through completion of other health-related courses at or above the 300-level. If you wish to seek credit for a course that is not on the pre-approved list, please send the following information to

  • Course name & number
  • Course description
  • Link to full course details on the Registrar's Course Offerings Page
  • Syllabus (if available)

Current and recent/upcoming courses

Fall 2015 courses

Spring 2015 courses

Past and recurring courses

  • AAS/ANT 403 Race and Medicine
  • ANT 344 Science, Technology & Culture
  • ANT 431 Biomedical Anthropology
  • CBE 440 The Physical Basis of Human Disease
  • CHV 391 / PHI 391 Morals, Markets, and Health
  • CLA 345 Ancient Greco-Roman Medicine: From Hippocrates to Galen
  • EEB/WWS 495 Disease Dynamics: Data, Theory, and Policy
  • ELE 404 Electronic Circuits for Biomedical Application
  • GHP 401 / ANT 480 / AFS 401 Global Health in Africa
  • GHP 402 / MOL 402 Health Innovation and Policy
  • GHP 403 / ANT 383 Health and the Social Markers of Difference
  • HIS 395 History of Medicine and the Body
  • JRN 448 The Media and Social Issues - Health and Science Journalism
  • MOL 328 U.S. Medical Research and Researchers
  • MOL 380A Modern Microbiology and Disease
  • MOL 380B Modern Microbiology and Disease
  • MOL 430 The Power and Peril of Cycling Cells
  • MOL 470 Advanced Topics in Genetic Analysis
  • PSY 410 Depression: From Neuron to Clinic
  • PSY 420 Controversies in Clinical Psychology
  • STC 349 / JRN 349 Writing about Science
  • STC 398 Health and Human Rights in the World Community
  • WWS/MOL 320 Human Genetics, Reproduction, and Public Policy
  • WWS 401E Child Health and Nutrition in the Developing World - credit for WWS certificate students only
  • WWS 402C Health Care Reform and Medicaid Expansion - credit for WWS certificate student