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Summer Research Project

Research Project Requirement

All students enrolled in the certificate program must complete an approved field- or lab-based research project during the summer between the junior and senior year.

  • This requirement can be fulfilled through a research-focused internship, participation in a faculty member's research, or independent research.
  • The project or internship must last a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • The GHP program will assist students in identifying financial support to defray travel and living expenses; however, it cannot guarantee funding for all students enrolled in the program.

See a
map and list of GHP students' summer projects in 2012.

Some students may wish to do a summer "service" internship in global health and health policy. This is acceptable if the internship includes a research component (i.e., an independent research project conducted as part of the service internship). To meet the certificate program requirement, the internship and research component must be approved in advance by the program.

For questions on the summer research project requirement, contact ghpprog@exchange.Princeton.EDU.