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Research Project Funding

Funding for the summer research project depends on the internship or research project being pursued. There are three main ways to receive funding support for this project:

  1. A number of funded and/or paid internships are available through different University programs, and any student can apply for these opportunities. (Many of these internships are competitive, so it is important to apply for multiple opportunities.)

  2. Students pursuing independent research, including research for the senior thesis, may apply for funding support through their home departments and/or other University programs.

  3. The GHP program will provide funding support to a limited number of students pursuing either unpaid summer internships or independent senior thesis research in fulfillment of the GHP summer research project requirement. GHP students will be required to submit proposals for funding through a competitive application process.

    As of January 2013, all applications for funding in support of undergraduate activities including summer study abroad, internships (not counting paid employment), senior thesis research and junior independent work or special projects (including individual student travel to conferences) will go through the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE).

    To apply for GHP summer research project funding, please submit an application through SAFE. The 2013 summer GHP funding application deadline is April 15, 2013.

The GHP program does not guarantee funding support for the summer research project. It is highly likely that there are ample resources on campus and within the program to cover most or all of the research funding needed by students enrolled in the program; however, each student is responsible for identifying, applying for and receiving the necessary support for her/his summer research project.

For guidance on how to obtain summer research project funding, contact or review a list of Princeton University funding sources.