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Imagine a world where the brightest minds work together to solve the most pressing environmental problems, a transformative world that expands classroom learning beyond traditional boundaries. This is the world of Grand Challenges. more

Grand Challenges

The Grand Challenges Program is an ambitious and broadly inclusive initiative at Princeton that addresses global environmental problems with scientific, technological, and public policy dimensions.This multidisciplinary Program offers faculty, students, and researchers opportunities to tackle some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues in the areas of climate and energy, sustainable development, and global health.
Climate and Energy Challenge Confronts climate change, the management of fossil-fuel carbon, the expansion of non-fossil energy sources, and other environmental impacts of the energy system.
Development Challenge Tackles the difficult task of eliminating poverty in Africa while conserving the continent’s biodiversity and vast store of natural resources.
Health Challenge Focuses on developing methods to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and other infectious diseases around the globe.