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Daniel Sigman

  • Geosciences
Grand Challenges Position: PEI/Grand Challenges Faculty
Title(s): Dusenbury Professor of Geological and Geophysical Sciences. Professor of Geosciences.
  • Climate and Energy Challenge
Office: M52 Guyot Hall
Phone: 609-258-2194
Daniel Sigman

Student Project(s)

  • Testing the N Isotopes of Marine Particles as a Tool to Study Nitrogen Sources to Phytoplankton in the Subtropical Ocean (Lija Treibergs '12)
  • Analyzing Ionic and Isotopic Composition of Bermuda Rainwater and Aerosols (Amy Gobel '12)
  • Diatom-Bound Nitrogen as a Tool to Study Marine Nitrogen Cycling: Methods and Applications to the Bering Sea Shelf (Laura Morales '09)
  • Identifying the Nitrogen Sources to Plankton Groups in the Surface Ocean by Coupling Flow Cytometry and Stable Isotope Measurements (Lija Treibergs '11)
  • The Role of Zooplankton in the Sargasso Sea n Cycle: Developing Methodology for Zooplankton and Fecal Pellet Analysis (Samuel Dresner '13)
  • Source Analysis and Quantification of Nitrogen Deposition to the Sargasso Sea (Amy Gobel '12)