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Development Challenge Course Offerings

Spring 2010

Course Title Instructor(s)
AFS 200 Introduction to African Studies Daniel I. Rubenstein
AFS 302 Local Governance and Development in Africa (SA) Rachel B. Riedl
AFS 303 Social Structure in Africa: Responses to Socio-Political and Economic Forces Since Independence (SA) Christiana Agawu
CEE/EEB 307/305 Field Ecohydrology (QR) Kelly K. Caylor
ECO 429 Issues in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Smita B. Brunnermeier
EEB 404 Natural History of Mammals (ST) Daniel I. Rubenstein
ENV 340 Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Solutions Eileen Zerba
MAE/EGR/ENV 328 Energy for a Greenhouse-Constrained World Craig B. Arnold
MAE 456 Global Technology Winston O. Soboyejo
POL 366 Politics in Africa (SA) Jennifer A. Widner
WWS 562B Economic Analysis of Development (Basic) Jeffrey S. Hammer
WWS/SOC 572B/577 Topics in Development: Policy Implications of Globalization Miguel A. Centeno
WWS 572C Topics in Development: Development Policy in Africa Jennifer A. Widner
WWS 594P Topics in Policy Analysis (Half-Term): Energy, Environment and Development M.V. Ramana