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Meet Development Challenge Past Interns: 2010

Katie Brite

Kathleen Brite, 2013
"At the University of Dar es Salaam, I focused on foreign aid and the value of empowering citizens to change their circumstances." more >>

Brittany Cessarini

Brittany Cesarini, 2012
Woodrow Wilson School
"In Tanzania, I learned of how well NGOs are able to meet the needs of HIV/AIDS victims and their families who are forced to care for them at home." more >>

Jeremy Chen

Jeremy Chen, 2011
Civil and Environmental Engineering
"I worked on the Kalahari Transect in western Botswana at a series of research sites that span a rainfall gradient." more >>

Allison Gocke

Alison Gocke, 2013
"At Rhodes University, I assisted with the investigation of alien species invasion in the river systems of South Africa." more >>

Diana Lam

Diana Lam, 2012
"I collected data for a project aimed at mapping aquatic life within the Mafia Island Marine Park on Mafia Island, Tanzania." more >>

Kathleen LaRow

Kathleen LaRow, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"Working for Frontier as a research assistant, I dove to conduct marine surveys which looked at the quantity and types of reef fish, coral, and invertebrates on twenty-five meter transects." more >>

Michelle Lau

Michelle Lau, 2012
Civil and Environmental Engineering
"This summer, I researched the effects of climate change on crop yields and biodiversity in South Africa." more >>

Ben Levenson

Benjamin Levenson, 2013
"This summer I worked on a research project with Professor Aldin Mutembei revolving around development in Tanzania." more >>

Elanor Meegoda

Eleanor Meegoda, 2012
Woodrow Wilson School
"Working with CCI allowed me to experience different types of development strategies and learn about the challenges and successes of each." more >>

Rodrigo Munoz Rogers

Rodrigo Munoz Rogers, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"This project in Botswana sought to understand the distribution and dynamics of below ground carbon in savannas." more >>

Ruthie Nachmany

Ruthie Nachmany, 2012
"My project at the International Water Management Institute focused on evaluating scientific communication in the developing world." more >>

No photo

Sarah Stroud, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"At an Earthwatch research center, I walked line transects and did total counts from a vehicle on the Grevy's Zebra population in the area." more >>

Alejandro Zuniga

Alejandro Zuniga, 2012
Molecular Biology
"At Rhodes University, I analyzed the impact of invasive catfish on invertibrate populations used as food." more >>