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Meet Development Challenge Past Interns: 2011

Nisha Bhat, 2014
"As an intern at IkamvaYouth, I assisted in ­organizing and ­running the organization's annual Winter School—a two-week program that ­provides learners with tutoring sessions, career development workshops, and HIV/AIDS ­education and testing." more >>

Nicole Bornkamp, 2014
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"I interned in the Woodrow Wilson School’s STEP program assisting a post-doctoral ­researcher with his studies concerning South African climate change and it’s effect on crop production. " more >>

Steven Fuchs, 2013
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"One of the great things about my time in Grahamstown, South Africa was that every day was different. My primary project involved studying the rate at which various ­Eastern Cape stream fish consume oxygen." more >>

Kieryn Graham, 2013
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"I spent my time as an intern in Gondwana Canyon Park in southern Namibia. My primary objective was to gain experience in nature conservation and monitoring and management strategie." more >>

Alexandra Kasdin, 2014
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"This summer, I worked as an environmental education teaching assistant in ­Northern ­Kenya, in areas ravaged by overgrazing and drought." more >>

Veronika Lipkova, 2014
"My summer internship with IkamvaYouth was designed to help me understand and act on the challenges that an educational NGO is faced with." more >>

Kathleen Ryan, 2014
"At the Princeton Ecohydrology lab at the Mpala Research Center, Kenya, my ­colleagues and I sought to learn more about how vegetation, water, and the atmosphere ­interact to create the climactic conditions characteristic of the dryland ecosystem." more >>

Hannah Safford, 2013
Chemical and Biological Engineering
"I spent eleven weeks in the Caylor Ecohydrology Lab, located at the Mpala Research Center in the highlands of central Kenya, helping to understand and model the ­hydrologic cycle of dry savanna ecosystems." more >>

Alice Suh, 2012
Civil and Environmental Engineering
"I spent the summer at Mpala Research Center and Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. I assisted Professor Kelly Caylor and Dr. Keir Soderberg with the lab's ­ongoing ­research on the hydrological cycle in the semi-arid savannah, and its interaction with ­dryland ecosystems." more >>

Alana Tornello, 2012
Comparative Literature
"My internship was sponsored by the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes University, where I worked with PEI intern Lilia Xie to create multimedia vignettes for two rural villages in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa." more >>

Hannah Vazquez, 2013
Comparative Literature
"I worked with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and Earthwatch on the Grevy’s Zebra Project, a conservation project that aims at identifying and mitigating threats to Grevy’s Zebra survival in order to contribute to a viable Grevy’s Zebra population." more >>

Lilia Xie, 2014
"During my internship with the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes ­University, I worked with fellow PEI intern Alana Tornello to create a range of ­multimedia for the two villages of Hamburg and Cata in the Eastern Cape province of South ­Africa" more >>

Engineers without Borders
The summer’s work ­consisted of ­logistical planning, materials acquisition, and work force mobilization ­necessary for the successful completion of the structure as well as the development of an ­effective ­library management system for the donated books. more >>