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Meet Development Challenge Past Interns: 2012

Jonathan Choi, 2015
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
This summer I was fortunate to work in Dr. Kelly Caylor’s lab at Princeton University under Dr. Lyndon Estes. My internship revolved around a project utilizing’s Mechanical Turk service to map cropland in South Africa. Much of my internship was spent investigating the mechanics of Google Maps and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, and creating preliminary support infrastructure for future stages of our project. read more >>

Margaret Cochrane, 2014
The goal of our internship in Kenya was to learn extensively about community theater and how it can enact behavioral change in communities, specifically with concern to issues of safe water and sexual and environmental practices. We went through intensive workshops with the two youth groups with whom we were working in order to learn about the process of magnet theater and how they apply it to communities. read more >>

Rebecca Haynes, 2015
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
I spent the summer of 2012 working as a teaching assistant at the Conservation Clubs of seven schools in Northern Kenya. Most regions where these schools were located face severe desertification due to deforestation, overgrazing, drought, and mismanagement of resources. This summer I primarily worked educating students and their communities about ways to conserve valuable resources and to protect the ecosystem. read more >>

Sarah Jeong, 2015
Woodrow Wilson School
My internship with the Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC) showed me the necessity of an interdisciplinary background when tackling environmental issues. The ELRC's practical approach to encouraging sustainability was very rewarding because its projects contributed directly to local communities. read more >>

Emily Kaplan, 2014
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
I interned with Lyndon Estes in Civil and Environmental Engineering. My first project of the summer was to collect data from presenters at a Symposium on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Biodiversity in South Africa held in August 2011. I prepared this data for webhosting by using ArcMap. Other projects included working with iWeb and Roxen to design three websites. read more >>

Preston Cosslett Kemeny, 2015
Physics, Geosciences
This summer I spent ten weeks with the Princeton EcoHydrology Lab in Kenya researching the degree of isotopic equilibration between atmospheric water vapor and rainfall. This research, which relates to parameters used in climatological modeling, was part of an ongoing effort by the EcoHydrology Lab to understand land degradation in dryland ecosystems. read more >>

Briana Liu, 2015
Woodrow Wilson School
In South Africa, my primary role was to assist the Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC) at Rhodes University with its environmental education and community development programs. I worked with the local youth’s cleaning and greening initiative to install composters and sustainable gardening in the Ward 7 township, a poor district that relies heavily on government funds. read more >>

Graham Read, 2015
My internship project involved work in two phases and locations in Kenya. The first phase consisted of training in the principles of Magnet Theater by REPACTED, a theater organization based in Nakuru, Kenya. During our work with REPACTED, we learned about cultural issues, myths and beliefs associated with HIV/AIDS, clean water use, basic sanitation and other topics. read more >>

Max Silver, 2014
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
I spent the summer in Kenya as an intern with Grevy’s Zebra Trust, a non-profit Kenya-based organization dedicated to conserving the endangered species of Grevy’s zebra. My time in Kenya was divided between working in an office at Mpala Research Center and field work in the Samburu Heartland, a remote region in north-central Kenya. read more >>