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Bernard Haykel
Bernard Haykel, GC faculty and professor, Near Eastern Studies, addresses undergraduates in his course "Oil, Energy and the Middle East." (Photo: Denise Applewhite)

The Grand Challenges Program welcomes students from multiple academic disciplines to learn about the Grand Challenges themes and prepares them to address complex environmental problems in their future studies and careers.

Courses of Interest

Working in collaboration with academic departments across the Princeton University campus, Grand Challenges has identified more than 250 courses with links to Grand Challenges topics. Each semester, the Program publishes courses of interest for each of the three focal areas as a road map for students.

Freshman Seminars

Several freshman seminars specifically target Grand Challenges themes to incoming students. Taught by Grand Challenges faculty, these introductory courses provide exposure to insights evolving from Grand Challenges research while inspiring a generation of students to consider their role in addressing the environmental challenges of the 21st century. Some 2013-2014 Freshman Seminars include:

  • FRS 111: Water: Keystone for Sustainable Development
  • FRS 115: Agriculture, Food, and the Environment
  • FRS 124: The Everglades Today and Tomorrow: Global Change and the Impact of Human Activities on the Biosphere
  • FRS 125: Global Environmental Change: Science, Technology, and Policy
  • FRS 180: Science and Technology for a Sustainable Energy Future

Upper-Level Experential Courses

Upper-level Grand Challenges offerings, in the form of seminars and task-force-style courses, provide students concentrating in discrete disciplines with an interdisciplinary understanding of the central topics of climate and energy, development and health, while sharpening the focus on their field of study. Multiple Grand Challenges courses have involved course related fieldwork and research in destinations including field sites in Bermuda, Kenya, Norway, Panama, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa.