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Energy Challenge: Course Offerings

Fall 2008

Department Course Course Title Professor Name
AOS/GEO  577 Weather and Climate Dynamics Ngar-Cheung Lau
AOS/GEO  578 Chemical Oceanography Jorge L. Sarmiento
ARC/ENV  406 Energy and Form Hillary A. Brown
ARC  514 The Environmental Engineering of Buildings Mahadev Raman
CEE/GEO/URB  471 Introduction to Water Pollution Technology Peter R. Jaffe
CEE/ELE/MAE  455 Mid-Infrared Technologies for Health and the Environment Claire F. Gmachl
CEE/GEO  235 The Physical Earth (ST) Nadine McQuarrie
CEE  477 Environmental and Civil Engineering Systems Planning and Design R. Harris
CEE  501 Environmental Engineering Fundamentals I: Atmospheric and Surface Processes Staff
CHE/EGR/MAE  228 Energy Solutions for Next Century Yiguang Ju, Jay B. Benziger
CHE  245 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Principles Wood Loo
CHE  341 Mass, Momentum, and Energy Transport Sankaran Sundaresan
CHE/CHM  421 Catalytic Chemistry Jay B. Benziger
CHM/ENV/GEO  331 Introduction to Environmental Geochemistry of the Natural Systems (STX) Satish C. Myneni
EEB  308 Conservation Biology Biology Staff
EEB/ENV  341 Water, Savannas and Society: Sustainability in African Drylands Elizabeth G. King
EGR/ELE/ENV/MAE  431 Solar Energy Conversion Sigurd Wagner
ELE  203 Electronic Circuits (ST) Paul R. Prucnal
ELE  441 Solid State Physics I Stephen A. Lyon
ENV  201 Fundamentals of Environmental Studies: Population, Land Use, Biodiversity, and Energy Lars O. Hedin, David S. Wilcove, Eileen Zerba
ENV  305 Building American Style: Land-Use Policies and Rules Frank J. Popper, Deborah Popper
ENV  307 Agriculture and Food: A Foundation for Living Xenia K. Morin
ENV/GEO  323 Earth System Science I: The Atmosphere and Ocean in Motion Samuel G. Philander
ENV/GEO  399 Environmental Decision Making Gregory van der Vink
FRS  145 Earth's Changing Surface and Climate (ST) Adam C. Maloof, Frederik J. Simons, Robert A. Phinney
FRS  171 Signals, Yardsticks, and Tipping Points of Global Warming (ST) Eileen Zerba
GEO  206 A/B History of the Earth (ST) Michael L. Bender
GEO/MAE  425 Introduction to Physical Oceanography Anand Gnanadesikan
HIS/NES  223/201 Introduction to the Middle East (HA) Michael A. Cook
HIS/NES  433 Imperialism and Reform in the Middle East and the Balkans (HA) M. Sukru Hanioglu
JRN  449 The Journalism of Energy and Global Warming (SA) Peter Maas
MAE  221 Thermodynamics (ST) Daniel M. Nosenchuck
MAE  335 Fluid Dynamics Luigi Martinelli
MAE  423 Heat Transfer Frederick L. Dryer
MAE  531 Combustion Chung K. Law
MAE/WWS  580/585 Topics in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy: Living in a Greenhouse Robert H. Socolow
NES/POL  265/268 Political and Economic Development of the Middle East (SA) Julie E. Taylor
PHY  301 Thermal Physics Lyman A. Page
PHY  406 Modern Physics II: Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics Valerie Halyo
WWS  555 Topics in International Relations: U.S. Public Policy and the Middle East Barbara K. Bodine