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Energy Challenge: Course Offerings

Spring 2008

Department Course Course Title Professor Name
CHM/ENV 333 Oil to Ozone: Chemistry of the Environment Francois Morel
CHM/ENV 525 Production of Renewable Fuels and Energy Gerard C. Dismukes
ENV 202 Fundamentals of Environmental Studies: Climate, Air Pollution, Toxics and Water Bess B. Ward
ENV/EGR/MAE 328 Energy for a Greenhouse-Constrained World Robert H. Socolow
ENV/GEO/WWS 335/339/339 Climate Change: Scientific Basis, Policy Implications Michael Oppenheimer
ENV/GEO 399 Environmental Decision Making Gregory E. van der Vink
FRS 162 Economics of Environmental Protection Smita B. Brunnermeier
NES/POL 368/437 Oil Politics in the Middle East Julie E. Taylor