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Energy Challenge: Course Offerings

Spring 2009

Department Course Course Title Professor Name
AOS/GEO  537 Atmospheric Chemistry Larry W. Horowitz
AOS  547 Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Convection Leo Donner
AOS  572 Atmospheric and Oceanic Wave Dynamics Sonya A. Legg,
Isidoro Orlanski,
Geoffrey K. Vallis
AOS  575 Numerical Prediction of the Atmosphere and Ocean Robert W. Hallberg
ARC  304 The Historical Development of Urban Form (HA) M. Christine Boyer
ARC/ENV  406 Energy and Form (STX) Hillary A. Brown
ARC  515 The Environmental Engineering of Buildings, Part II Mahadev Raman
ARC  586 Material Ecologies Jane C. Harrison



 309 Nuclear Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World: Fission and Fusion Alexander Glaser,
Robert J. Goldston
 AST  358 Seminar in Plasma Physics Nathaniel J. Fisch,
Allan H. Reiman
CEE/ENV/URB  303 Introduction to Environmental Engineering (STX) Elle Bou-Zeid,
Michael A. Celia
CEE  445 Air Quality and Aerosol Processes Mark A. Zondlo
CHE  246 Thermodynamics (STX) Athanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos
CHE  346 Chemical Engineering Laboratory Jay B. Benziger, Shankaran Sundaresan, David W. Wood
CHE  505 Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer Robert K. Prud’homme
CHM  306 Physical Chemistry: Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics Michael T. Kelly
CHM/ENV  333 Oil to Ozone: Chemistry of the Environment (STX) Francois Morel
CHM/ENV  525 Production of Renewable Fuels and Energy Gerard C. Dismukes
EGR/MAT/PHY  194 An Introduction to Engineering, Mathematics and Physics (ST) Michael G. Littman, Jennifer L. Rexford
ELE/MSE  541/510 Electronic Materials James C. Sturm,
Sigurd Wagner
ELE  555 Selected Topics in Optics and Optical Electronics Gerard Wysocki
ELE  577 Low Power IC and System Design Niraj K. Jha
 204B/104B (ST)
Global Warming: Causes, Consequences, Policy Responses Michael Oppenheimer, Eileen Zerba
ENV  305 Topics in Environmental Studies: Environmental Science Writing Anne M. Matthews
ENV  306 Topics in Environmental Studies: American Environmental History (HA) Frank J. Popper
ENV  320 Feeding the World While Saving the Planet Timothy D. Searchinger
ENV  340 Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Solutions (ST) Eileen Zerba
ENV/CHV  352 Environmental, Ecological, and Climate Justice (EM) David Schlosberg
FRS  120 Life on Mars – Or Maybe Not (SA) Michael D. Lemonick, Edwin Lewis Turner
FRS  122 The Everglades Today and Tomorrow: Global Change and the Impact of Human Activities on the Biosphere (ST) Anne Morel-Kraepiel
FRS  136 Living in a Polluted Greenhouse (SA) Denise Mauzerall
FRS  140 Life in a Nuclear-Armed World (SA) Zia Mian
FRS  170 Economics of Environmental Protection (SA) Smita Brunnermeier
FRS  184 Materials and Technology for a Sustainable Energy Future (ST) Craig B. Arnold
GEO  202A/202B (ST) Oceanography: An Introduction to the World’s Oceans Jorge L. Sarmiento, Danielle M. Schmitt
GEO/ENV  399 Environmental Decision Making Gregory E. van der Vink
GEO/CEE/ENV  450 Earth Surface Processes Adam C. Maloof
GEO/ENV  499 Environmental Change, Poverty and Conflict Gregory E. van der Vink
GEO/CEE  523/572 Geomicrobiology Tullis C. Onstott
JRN  447 Politics and the Media: Linking Science Journalism to Politics and Economics (SA) Elisabeth Rosenthal
JRN  449 International News Thanassis Cambanis
MAE/EGR/ENV  328 Energy for a Greenhouse-Constrained World Robert H. Socolow
MAE  426 Rocket and Air-Breathing Propulsion Technology Yiguang Ju
MAE  427 Energy Conversion and the Environment: Transportation Applications Frederick L. Dryer
MAE/AST  522/564 Applications of Quantum Mechanics to Spectroscopy and Lasers Szymon Suckewer
MAE  532 Combustion Theory Chung K. Law
MAE  598 Graduate Seminar in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Edgar Y. Choueiri
NES/ENV  266 Oil, Energy and the Middle East (SA) Bernard A. Haykel
NES  283 Social History of the Modern Middle East (HA) Cyrus Schayegh
PHY  115A/115B Future Physics (QR/ST) Paul J. Steinhardt
WWS/ENV  334 Global Environmental Issues (SA) Denise L. Mauzerall
WWS  582E Topics in Applied Economics: Energy Economics Amy B. Craft
WWS  58D Topics in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy: Global Environmental Governance Michael Oppenheimer