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Climate and Energy Challenge Internships

Amy Gobel
Amy Gobel '12 collecting rainwater and aerosol samples at meteorological data station in Bermuda.

The Internship Program offers research training through mentored internships and independent field research projects throughout the summer months.

Through this program, Princeton undergraduates interested in climate and energy issues can work with faculty-led research groups, local and international NGOs, and academic, government, and industry enterprises, on a variety of projects ranging from climate impacts, atmospheric modeling, ocean geochemistry and conservation, energy efficiency, renewable, and alternative energy technologies, energy storage, green roofs, air pollution, to urban transportation and land conservation.

Students from more than two-dozen academic departments participate in the Internship Program each summer. Assignments stretch from the familiar neighborhood of Princeton University to far-flung villages worldwide. Such experiences may provide guidance into the selection of junior or senior independent research projects and inform future academic study or career choice. See examples of past internship assignments. See examples of past internship assignments. Participating students receive an award to defray the cost of living and international travel for the duration of the internship, usually eight to ten weeks.

Students interested in exploring and expanding their knowledge of complex global environmental problems related to climate and energy are encouraged to apply. Information sessions are held during the fall semester.

Internship Program

Internship program

Mark Smith

"The Grand Challenges Program enabled me to focus my broad passion for environmental issues into a more tractable concentration on biological energy production. I am now pursuing a Ph.D. in microbiology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology."

Mark Smith '09
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology