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Meet Climate & Energy Challenge Past Interns: 2011

Garnet Abrams, 2012
"During my summer internship, I ­participated with other Princeton researchers in the Highly Instrumented Aerial Platform for ­Environmental Research (HIAPER) Pole-to-Pole Observations (HIPPO) onboard the NSF Gulfstream V research plane." more >>

Balachandran Devika

Devika Balachandran, 2014
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"This summer, I conducted research at Princeton in the Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic ­Sciences on diel vertical migration of zooplankton to determine if there were any emerging global patterns. " more >>

Andrew Budnick, 2013
"This summer, I had the opportunity to study the oxygen and other water properties of the North Atlantic, both in ­models at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) and at sea on the German research vessel RV Meteor." more >>

Dana Butnariu, 2013
Computer Science
"This summer, during my Energy Challenge internship I tried to address and solve the problem of increasing energy usage inside data centers." more >>

Christine Chen, 2013
"As a geology field assistant to Jonathan Husson, a ­graduate student in the Department of Geosciences, I helped advance research regarding our understanding and interpretations of Earth history’s largest carbon isotope anomaly. " more >>

Diana Chin, 2014
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"This summer I worked as an intern in Professor Claire Gmachl’s group in the ­Department of Electrical Engineering. I helped conduct research on improving the beam ­quality of quantum cascade lasers." more >>

Sanita Dhaubanjar, 2013
"This summer I worked in the Bio-based and Green Energy laboratory at ­Kathmandu ­University researching various topics in energy recovery from wastewater." more >>

Daniel Dix, 2012
Operations Research and Financial Engineering
"This summer, I worked in the Princeton Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis (PENSA), on data visualization and collection for Professor Powell." more >>

Lauren Edelman, 2014
Chemical and Biological Engineering
"The goal of my research was to develop a protocol to investigate a protein, GSU1338, which could play a role in mercury uptake in the bacterium Geobacter ­sulfurreducens. " more >>

Ashish Gupta, 2013
Computer Science
"This summer I worked on a project involving the creation of a model to simulate the movement of power throughout a network grid in the U.S." more >>

William Harrel, 2013
Operations Research and Financial Engineering
"The goal of my project was to create a model of Solar Renewable Energy ­Credits (SRECs) to compute a forward price curve and assess the viability of solar energy, ­especially in Massachusetts." more >>

Brian Huang, 2013
Computer Science
"While working with Claudie Beaulieu in Professor Jorge Sarmiento's group in the Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, I examined possible ­applications of bifurcation theory to predict tipping points in the Earth’s climate system. " more >>

Max Jacobson, 2013
Chemical and Biological Engineering
"This summer, in Professor Daniel Sigman’s laboratory, I constructed an apparatus to investigate the conversion of dissolved organic ­nitrogen (DON) to ammonium, in the presence of sunlight, in Sargasso Sea water." more >>

Adam Jaffe, 2012
"This summer, I researched metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and their ­application to ­hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas storage (MOFs are supramolecular ­structures that incorporate both organic and inorganic components)." more >>

Anupama Khan, 2012
"I worked with Professor Robert Goldston at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and Professor Steven Bernasek in the Chemistry ­Department, to study the effectiveness of lithium as a plasma-facing component in fusion reactors." more >>

Kevin Kim, 2012
Operations Research and Financial Engineering
"This summer at PENSA (Princeton Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis), we simulated this problem for a grid operator called PJM Interconnections, and built a model that would allocate power generation optimally in the presence of increased wind." more >>

Alexa Krakaris, 2012
Electrical Engineering
"During this summer internship I worked with Robert Street conducting research ­pertaining to organic photovoltaics." more >>

Ziwei Leng, 2014
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"As an intern in Professor Lynn Loo’s laboratory, I developed a method for making ­organic semiconducting nanowires for applications in organic electronics such as the organic ­solar cell, which is a cheaper but currently less efficient device compared with ­silicon-based solar cells." more >>

Jonathan Moch, 2012
"This summer I worked with the Sarmiento group in the Atmospheric and Oceanic ­Sciences Program on quantifying carbon cycle-climate feedbacks in Earth System ­Models." more >>

Emily Moder, 2013
Civil and Environmental Engineering
"My internship was based in the field of fluid mechanics research, looking specifically at the behavior of turbulent air flow when it is subjected to different temperature profiles." more >>

Kathleen O’Neil, 2014
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"The overall goal of my internship was to make progress on a wind turbine which can be easily deployed from a standard shipping container." more >>

Kirsten Parratt, 2013
Chemical and Biological Engineering
"This summer I investigated the relationship between molecular structure and device performance in organic field-effect transistors." more >>

Jessica Saylors, 2013
Chemical and Biological Engineering
"My internship was part of a larger project exploring the potential of contorted ­hexabenzocoronene (HBC), a carbon-lattice molecule, and its derivatives for use in ­organic-based electronics and solar cells." more >>

William (Junho) Song, 2013
"The main project of my internship in the summer of 2011 was to design an electricity price simulator under the guidance of Professor Warren Powell. more >>

Kevin Steinberger, 2012
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"The goal of my internship this summer was to conduct research on biochar, defined as a form of charcoal created from biomass and used for agricultural purposes." more >>

Daniel Steurer, 2014
Chemical and Biological Engineering
"This summer I spent time working in the lab of Professor François Morel, looking at some intricacies of the cyanobacteria Trichodesmium sp. SMS 101." more >>

Charles Zhang, 2013
Electrical Engineering
"During this summer, I collected and analyzed data from experiments on solar cells at United Solar Ovonic in Michigan." more >>

Yapei Zhang, 2014
Molecular Biology
"My internship this summer at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences was part of a ­larger collaborative project to better understand how anthropogenic nitrogen ­fixation affects nitrogen deposition in the North Atlantic Ocean." more >>

Chengming Zhu, 2013
"I worked this summer with Dr. Michael Coulon, in Princeton Laboratory of Energy ­Systems Analysis (PENSA), on study of multi-fuel dependent electricity pricing and the influence of European market ­coupling on the electricity spot and forward price." more >>