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Starting a Medical NGO in a Politically Volatile Setting: Fighting Worms in Zimbabwe, Yaagnik Kosuri & Patrick van Nieuwenhuizen

In January 2010, graduating Princeton seniors founded a health NGO called Upenyu. In September 2010 they landed on the ground in Zimbabwe to begin their work. On March 22, two of their team are returning to Princeton to share some of the thoughts and stories that have come with year one of their venture. The issues to be discussed are both practical - how do you work effectively with government in a politically volatile setting? - and theoretical - how do you estimate the full, long-term impact of your presence beyond the immediate impact of your programs? Upenyu is leading the effort to control neglected tropical diseases in Zimbabwe, currently implementing the nation's first programs for helminth control.

Upenyu is actively recruiting fellows to join its efforts in Zimbabwe. Interested students should attend this talk and discuss fellowship opportunities afterward with the speakers.

Location: Robertson Hall, Room 023

Date/Time: 03/22/11 at 4:30 pm - 03/22/11 at 05:30 am

This event is co-sponsored by the Health Grand Challenge and the Office of Health Professions Advising.

Category: Health Challenge

Department: Grand Challenges