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Future Challenges and Research Needs for Wind Energy - Vijayant Kumar, Wind energy consultant with V-BAR

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The rapid rate of technological advancement in wind energy combined with positive government policies has led to increased penetration and implementation of wind energy worldwide. In locations blessed with favorable wind resource, wind installations with modern machines can be cost-competitive with other forms of energy. The rapid growth of wind energy in the last few years has outpaced R&D efforts in the field and as a result, wind energy community has faced challenges arising from implementations based on flawed assumptions as well as poor operational practices. The speaker will discuss these challenges and discuss relevant research topics originating from such challenges. Examples would include prediction of spatial variability of wind resource, wind energy forecasting including prediction of uncommon meteorological events as well as ramps, wakes of large wind farms and wind farm O&M optimization.

Location: Friend Center 008

Date/Time: 04/08/13 at 4:30 pm - 04/08/13 at 06:00 am

Category: Climate & Energy Challenge

Department: Grand Challenges