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Health Challenge Internships

Nisha Rao
Nisha Rao ’12 conducting laboratory research to address endemic fluorosis in rural villages of Northeastern India.

The Internship Program offers research training through mentored internships and independent field research projects throughout the summer months.

Through this program, Princeton undergraduates interested in issues of health and infectious disease can work with faculty-led research projects, NGOs, and public health and government agencies on a variety of important topics including: grassroots, national, and international efforts to prevent the spread of malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS.  They can research the economic, cultural, and public policy dimensions of disease treatment; help to design and distribute innovative technologies to reduce the spread of waterborne pathogens; or conduct clinical and laboratory research on a range of infections.

Participating students receive an award to defray the cost of living and international travel for the duration of the internship, usually eight to ten weeks.

Students interested in exploring and expanding their knowledge of complex global environmental problems related to health and infectious disease are encouraged to apply.

Ameer Elbuluk

"My summer internship through the Health Challenge solidified my aspiration to become a physician."

Ameer Elbuluk '13