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Meet Health Challenge Past Interns: 2011

Hilary Bartlett, 2012
Woodrow Wilson School
"As part of my work for the Public Health Foundation of India, I wrote a 16-country survey that details the health ­systems of a range of different countries around the world." more >>

Kevin Bors, 2013
Electrical Engineering
"The goal of this project was to develop a method for non-invasive glucose sensing. This would be particularly useful for those afflicted with diabetes, who need to test their blood glucose levels often." more >>

Courtney Crumpler, 2013
"In Mozambique this summer, I conducted an independent research project to investigate cooperation between Brazil and Mozambique around HIV/AIDS care and treatment, and to learn more about how foreign NGOs operate in ­developing ­countries." more >>

Annette Dekker, 2012
Woodrow Wilson School
"I conducted ­research at the Jabulani Rural Health Foundation on the ­availability and use of pain medication and palliative care at Zithulele ­Hospital, ­specifically in relation to infectious diseases such as HIV and TB." more >>

Raphael Frankfurter, 2013
"In my second summer researching in resettlement camps for civilian war-wounded and amputees in Kono, Sierra Leone, I worked with the NGO Wellbody Alliance to ­develop and implement a new community health project." more >>

M. Derek Gideon, 2012
Comparative Literature
"My project in Kenya was twofold: to produce an assessment report for the ­theatre-against-AIDS organization REPACTED in Nakuru, Rift Valley Province, and to ­facilitate the creation of new theatre-against-AIDS troupes in the rural area around ­Isebania Town, Southern Nyanza Province." more >>

Florence Hsiao, 2013
Molecular Biology
"The overarching goal of my summer internship was to determine people’s access to ­potable water in the Kuria region of Kenya and to implement household water ­treatment systems as needed." more >>

Dora Huang, 2013
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"While at the Naz Foundation, I collaborated with many of the existing programs to produce a tri-monthly newsletter and a training manual for developing care homes." more >>

Moses Icyishaka, 2013
"My internship afforded me the opportunity to travel all around the country of ­Rwanda to observe and learn from an array of NGOs and associations working on behalf of HIV-positive adults and young adults. " more >>

Sophia Jih, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"I went to CDDEP in Delhi, India with the general goal of finding data for my tentative thesis project on measles dynamics within India." more >>

Jamie Joseph, 2013
Woodrow Wilson School
"At Ubuntu Africa, I created a 'chapter ­package,' a ­combination of checklists, letter templates, and organizational guides to educate ­students about Ubuntu Africa, and help them as they work to advocate for the ­organization." more >>

Erick Kazarian, 2012
Molecular Biology
"My internship at the Rothman institute focused primarily on the clinical study of ­infection in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty." more >>

Thomas Letchford, 2014
"Working with the Africa Inland Church (AIC) Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya, and with an ­undergraduate student from Yale University, I researched the extent of Maasai ­community knowledge regarding the potential toxicities of the traditional medicine." more >>

Carmina Mancenon, 2014
Operations Research and Financial Engineering
"At Zithulele Village, South Africa, I collected and processed data from ­maternity case records, then built on these statistics by learning more about the ­surrounding culture." more >>

Megan Orlando, 2012
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
"I worked with Cultural and Socioeconomic Determinants of Antibiotic Consumption in the U.S. Research Analyst to ­investigate cultural and socioeconomic determinants of antibiotic consumption in the United States." more >>

Megan Partridge, 2014
Civil and Environmental Engineering
"I spent the summer introducing point-of-use colloidal silver impregnated ceramic ­water filtration technology to communities in Kenya, with the ultimate goal of ­reducing ­water-borne disease and stimulating economic development." more >>

Hana Passen, 2012
"My summer internship working for the Liberian National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) was focused on efforts to cut the transmission of malaria within Liberia in half, with ­special focus on at-risk populations such as pregnant women and children under 5 years of age." more >>

Tristan Perez, 2014
Molecular Biology
"I interned at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) in Nepal, working on an independent research project focused on the economic burden of Enteric Fever, which is endemic within the country." more >>

Stefanie Siller, 2013
"My specific project was to work with REPACTED, to train two youth groups from the rural Kuria West District of Kenya to perform Magnet Theater ­outreaches in their own ­communities." more >>

Joongyu Song, 2013
Woodrow Wilson School
"I interned with REPACTED Kenya, theater group in Kenya that uses magnet theater, a form of street theater, to raise awareness, and educate the community, about issues regarding sexual health." more >>

Camila Vega, 2012
Comparative Literature
"At the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics, and Policy, I was able to learn not only about the general workings of health care and public policy in India, but also about antibiotic resistance and the necessity to recognize antibiotics as shared international resources." more >>

Emma Watt, 2013
Comparative Literature
"My specific project was to work with REPACTED, to train two youth groups from the rural Kuria West District of Kenya to perform Magnet Theater ­outreaches in their own ­communities. " more >>

James Williams, 2013
"My particular project at Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, focused on ­evaluating the ecological role of pigs in the transmission of Japanese Encephalitis ­Virus (JEV), a mosquito-borne pathogen that causes severe encephalitis in about 30,000-50,000 people each year." more >>

Daniel Yeboah-Kordieh, 2014
"At Liberian National Malaria Control Program, I participated in a weeklong ­training program about malaria for nurses and also sat in at various public health ­policy ­setting and evaluation meetings. " more >>