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Enhanced Production of Influenza Vaccine by Inhibition of Multiple Viral Restriction Factors

2013-15 Seed Grant

A set of human proteins have been identified that act to block the growth of viruses. They are termed viral restriction factors. We discovered several of the known viral restriction factors, including the family of sirtuin proteins. It is possible to delete or “knock down” expression of viral restriction factors to improve the growth of viruses. We plan to identify an optimal set of viral restriction factors that, when inactivated (deleted or knocked down), markedly improve the growth of influenza virus in cultured cells. Improved yields of the virus has the potential to revolutionize the influenza vaccine industry, markedly reducing the cost of goods and making the vaccine available to a much larger portion of the world’s population.


Principal Investigator

Thomas Shenk

Thomas Shenk, Molecular Biology

Faculty person