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Archive – May 2011

U.S. biologists, including PEI associated faculty members Daniel Rubenstein and Ian Couzin, worked with computer scientists to invent a scanner that can identify an individual zebra.
A novel experiment is taking place in the Princeton lab of chemist Andrew Bocarsly. The experiment is part of a research effort to transform the energy from sunlight into liquid fuels.
PEI Professor François M.M. Morel has received the Einstein Chair Professorship from the Institute of Urban Environment (IUE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).
Lars Hedin, Director of the Program in Environmental Studies (ENV Program), charts a new course
Kelly Caylor, PEI associated faculty member, collaborates on a new project: “Coupling Hydrological Forecasts and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa and China.”
Jennifer Rexford, member of PEI associated faculty and Siebel Energy Challenge faculty, receives McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning Graduate Mentoring Award.
In this outgrowth of the original course, Cullen and Lemonick review how, even in light of the vast media attention given this subject, many people are still ill-informed and skeptical about climate change.
Technologies for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere unlikely to slow climate change in near term, according to American Physical Society study led by Robert Socolow.
Tongji University is a leading university on mainland China in civil and environmental engineering.
The Grand Challenges Program has awarded two New Investigator Grants for 2011-2012. One will support a proposal by Michael Bender to develop new methods of measuring plant respiration and photosynthesis rates.