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Archive – February 2013

The 2013 Carnegie Mellon Dickson prize has been awarded to Geosciences professor François Morel. Morel will receive this award for his contributions to understanding the biological and chemical processes that influence marine ecosystems.
The Faculty Board of Princeton Climate and Energy Scholars is seeking applications from talented and highly motivated graduate students throughout the University who are conducting research within the broad area of climate and energy.
Researchers used hydrological and climate change models to predict how much water would likely be available for use in growing crops around the world.
This two-day conference assembled leaders from a range of fields in the environmental humanities and prominent artists producing work with environmental import.
Several associated PEI faculty members attended the inaugural Princeton-Fung Global Forum to discuss population growth, climate change, and other factors determining "The Future of the City."
Growing up on a farm in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey and witnessing the dramatic loss of farmland to housing developments and shopping malls ignited visiting professor Ken Hiltner's early and life-long interest in the environment which he later married with his passion for English literature. "My initial interest in the environment comes from growing up on my family's farm in southern New Jersey where I gained an appreciation for open-space," said Hiltner. "Sadly, the landscape
The Clean Water Act has been a success, but it's out-of-date and producing diminishing returns. George Hawkins discusses how it can be modernized.
Infection with Klebsiella pneumoniae is a serious danger to older hospitalized patients, with an estimated mortality rate as high as 40 percent. It has generally been treated with broad-spectrum cephalosporin antibiotics. Another class of antibiotics, carbapenems, is used as an antibiotic of last resort for the most persistent infections.
In this study, we examine trends in the resistance of clinical K. pneumoniae isolates from acute care, long-term care, and outpatient settings across different US geographic regions. Using nationally representative surveillance data that encompass a longer time span and larger isolate count than has been used to date, we characterize the epidemiology of third-generation cephalosporin–resistant and carbapenem-resistant phenotypes of K. pneumoniae between 1999 and 2010. Results are stratified by
PEI is pleased to announce a call for proposals to encourage research, teaching, and mentorship focused on multidisciplinary aspects of global climate change and energy.
Trees in the con­ti­nen­tal U.S. could send out new spring leaves up to 17 days ear­lier than they did before, accord­ing to a new study by Prince­ton Uni­ver­sity researchers.