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Mind/Body Options

Research has demonstrated that regular participation in activities that emphasize the connection between mind and body, such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates, meditation and mindfulness training, may prevent negative effects of stress such as insomnia, depression, anxiety and headaches. Such activities can also improve one's overall health and enhance resilience during times of stress.

The Mind/Body Team at UHS applies a holistic approach, one that emphasizes the connection between mind and body, to treating and preventing physical illnesses and psychological disorders. Team members provide mind/body interventions such as meditation, relaxation, cognitive therapy and mindfulness to address psychological and physical concerns.

There are numerous mind/body classes offered on campus, through Campus Recreation and other offices, to help members of the Princeton University maintain optimal health and beat stress. Individuals can also download a selection of relaxation audio files for convenient stress reduction.

Mind/Body Campus Resources

The following campus resources can help members of the Princeton University maintain optimal health and beat stress:

Stress Management: Meditation Over Lunch

Learn simple methods for reducing stress. Health food will be provided.   Open to all students, faculty, and staff. No pre-registration necessary. Free. Thursdays Noon: Murray-Dodge Hall
Mindfulness for Health and Healing
Counseling and Psychological Services, McCosh Health Center, 3rd Floor, Date and time to be determined.   Call 258-6660.  Open to undergraduates and graduate students. Free. Email

Mindfulness Training for Graduate Students

Counseling and Psychological Services, McCosh Health Center.  Open to all graduate students. Pre-registration required. Free.  For more information and registration, email:

Campus Wide Mind/Body Programs

Butler Yoga

Open to graduate students and their spouses/partners. Registration and fee required.  Visit 

Meditation Group
Open to all students. Free.  Murray-Dodge Hall, Interfaith Room, 3rd Floor.   Click here to see the PBSG Meditation Schedule.
Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation
Campus Recreation, Dillon Gymnasium.  Call 258-3533 or visit

For more information on mind/body health services or to list your class or group as part of the Mind/Body Campus Resources, call UHS at (609) 258-3285 or email