Staff Members Named to Serve on FY2014 CPUC

Congratulations to the following staff members on being named to represent staff members at the Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC) for FY2013-14.

Leila Shahbender has been elected as the administrative representative and Barbara Zlotnik has been elected as the alternate representative.

Leila is a senior manager with OIT Customer Services in the Office of Information technology where she has worked since 1985. As senior manager, Leila provides leadership for the 24/7 Support and Operations Center, also known as the Help Desk, Telephone Services, and Student Computing Services. She tries to foster a strong sense of service in her team and an understanding that it is the front door to OIT for faculty, students and staff. She works to ensure that the University community receives the best service that it can get from OIT. Leila also serves as the representative from OIT to the Office of Sustainability Steering Committee and is a member of the CPUC Resources Committee.

Barbara, or Bobbie as she is known at Princeton, has worked as a grants manager and office manager for the Department of Electrical Engineering and now currently works as grants manager for the Office of Research and Project Administration where she has been since 2010. Bobbie made this move as part of a pilot program set forth by the Office of the Provost to establish a shared service grants manager on campus that provides proactive, responsive and effective grant and research management across several departments. Serving the departments of economics, history, politics, sociology, and University Health Services, she assists faculty and graduate students with research proposal submission, management of their awards and assistance with their research efforts while ensuring compliance with sponsor and University guidelines.

Dianna Dromboski has been appointed as the office staff representative to the CPUC; Kevin Brannon as the maintenance and service staff representative; and John Hunter as the library, research and technical staff representative.

Dianna has worked for Grounds and Building Maintenance in the Facilities Department for 26 years providing key data management. She has worked to prepare annual reports for the Board of Trustees detailing the challenging issues faced, major accomplishments achieved, and goals set for the Grounds and Building Maintenance office. She further supports the productivity and safety of the near 260 employees traveling on University business which, she has done since she started at the University. Dianna strives to be an active listener and observer on the CPUC to better understand the diverse points-of-view of the Princeton community across culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and age. When not at work, Dianna finds happiness at home with her husband, sons and daughters, five grandsons, and her extended family of 41. She describes it as, “togetherness all the time… linking small and large moments to make them great.”

Kevin is the lockshop supervisor for Grounds and Building Maintenance in the Facilities Department where he has been a member of the community since 1990. In his role, he maintains and repairs all locks for the campus and other University real estate; processes lock changes and key cutting for the campus and other University real estate; repairs doors and manages the replacement of old doors and jambs; and provides re-keying services of old and new buildings. Kevin looks forward to having the opportunity to contribute to the changes and challenges happening at the University by serving on the CPUC.

John is a senior lab technician in the School of Architecture (SoA) where he has worked since 1998. John provides management and oversight of all phases of operations for the SoA’s laboratory systems. He administers all training and orientation for the students with regards to shop use, conventional tool nomenclature, and shop safety. This training includes the use of all computerized fabrication equipment for studio and class projects. John also teaches construction methods labs, in conjunction with professors’ lectures, which instruct both undergraduate and graduate students in every phase of basic construction processes. Along with SoA administration, he provides oversight of all construction projects within the confines of the SoA facilities, which he has done for the past 10 years. To aid him in the maintenance, repair and training on all the conventional and computerized equipment, John successfully created the Shop Monitor Program, which trains and utilizes graduate-level students in staffing the shops. John has been a member of the CPUC in the past and found it to be a vital and invaluable tool in communicating the wide array of trends and directions that the University tackles daily to his colleagues. Being a member of the CPUC furthers John’s belief in service and the serving of others to achieve progress towards their goals and aspirations. John deeply values service in everyday life.

The Office of Human Resources thanks all employees who participated in the administrative election and support staff appointment processes. Employee involvement contributes to the success of the Council, and we encourage all employees to attend and participate in the Council meetings that are held throughout the year.

To obtain information about the CPUC, please refer to the CPUC website at If you have questions about the CPUC, please contact its secretary, Ann Halliday at or 8-3151. Staff members interested in participating in the CPUC in the future should contact Jaclyn Immordino at or 8-9149.