FY2011 Staff Attendance Record Form

The FY2011 Staff Attendance Record Form is now available for supervisors and staff members to access. It can help individuals record time worked and time off from work for each staff member and can supplement record keeping maintained electronically by the Time Collection System for biweekly-paid employees, as needed.

Supervisors are responsible for maintaining accurate time-reporting records for the employees supervised.

Although maintaining records of time worked for exempt, monthly-paid employees is not required under either federal or state law, HR encourages all supervisors to keep accurate records of exempt employee absences. Using the Staff Attendance Record Form provides a uniform way to keep track of all employee time.

For more information about recording time for nonexempt and exempt staff, please review Policy 7.0.2 in the HR policy manual.

If you have any questions, please contact William Faris directly by e-mail or at extension 258-8382.