Changes to Domestic Partnership Health Benefits Announced

The University recently completed a review of benefits costs and coverage for employees who cover — or wish to cover — same-sex domestic partners on their health plans. In the interest of creating equity, the Benefits Committee approved two significant changes to same-sex domestic partner health benefits:

  1. Employees, who cover in Princeton’s health plans a same-sex domestic partner not qualified as a dependent defined in Section 152 of the Internal Revenue Code, will receive a lump sum payment that will be added to the regular salary payment issued in December. This payment provides an estimated offset to the federal and FICA taxes paid by the employee to cover their same-sex domestic partner. These taxes are not paid by opposite-sex married couples.
  2. Employees who choose to cover a same-sex domestic partner in the Princeton health plans will be required to provide proof of relationship as permitted by the couple's resident state. For example, if a couple's resident state is New Jersey, proof of civil union must be provided to be eligible for coverage. Princeton will also recognize a marriage or civil union that is valid in another state other than the state of current residence. In cases where the resident state does not provide an option to be recognized as a couple, e.g., Pennsylvania, employees will continue to complete the Statement of Domestic Partnership.

Individuals who currently cover a same-sex domestic partner will receive an e-mail from HR with more specifics.

For more information about how these changes will be implemented, please refer to our website or contact the Benefits Team at (609) 258-3302.