Employee Child Care Assistance Program (ECCAP) FY2013 Application Deadline Is May 1

The deadline to submit an online ECCAP application for FY2013 is May 1, 2012. This year, the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Information Technology developed and are introducing an online process for eligible faculty and staff to apply for an Employee Child Care Assistance Program (ECCAP) award. This reduces the use of paper and makes processing more efficient. To apply, log in to HR Self-Service, navigate to the Benefits section and choose Child Care Assistance. 

The electronic version of the ECCAP application will provide a more streamlined approach to completing and submitting the ECCAP application. Any financial and dependent information for faculty and staff members that is available in the Princeton University system will automatically populate in the electronic application. This will reduce the time needed to complete the application and produce copies of documents, such as paystubs and W-2 forms, for Princeton faculty or staff members. They can also scan and upload any additional information required to complete the application. 

Applications for the FY2012 will continue to be submitted in paper form until June 30, 2012. For more information or questions regarding the submission of an ECCAP application or eligibility, please visit the ECCAP Web page or contact a member of the Benefits Team at 258-3302 or benefits@princeton.edu.

Eligible faculty and staff who do not have access to a computer can call Audry Rosenbloom at 8-9118, for assistance.