University Announces Closure on Monday & Tuesday, October 29 & 30, for Employees with Nonessential or Noncritical Designation, Updated 10/29 2:46 p.m.

The University has announced it is closed on Monday, October 29, and Tuesday, October 30, for employees designated as nonessential or noncritical due to inclement weather conditions from Hurricane Sandy. All critical and essential employees should report to work at their normal duty times.

The Time Collection System processing is now scheduled to occur on Wednesday, October 31. The processing of Absence Management will also be delayed until at least Thursday. More information will be communicated as it is known and/or possible to convey, based on weather and power conditions.

Further updates will be provided periodically after campus conditions are assessed in the wake of the storm. The University’s home page will continue to be the primary source for general information following the storm, and campus opening and closing information also is available on the University's weather emergency hotline, (609) 258-SNOW. The University also is providing information via Princeton's Facebook page and Twitter feed. You can refer to the University's policy on extreme weather conditions, 5.0.4 Work Schedules Affected by a Weather Emergency, for general policy information.