Dependents' Eligibility & Verification

Eligible dependents include your spouse and your eligible children to the December 31 in which they turn 26.  

Coverage may be available to your eligible child regardless of student, residential, or marital status; however, if your child is married, the spouse and/or children of your eligible child are not eligible for coverage under our Plans.“Child” includes your biological, step, adopted and foster children. partner*. 

Eligible dependents also include: 
  • dependent, unmarried children of any age who are physically or mentally challenged and became disabled before the end of the calendar year in which they turn 26.

The definition of dependent child as described above is for enrollment in Princeton’s medical, dental and vision health plans. The definition of dependent child is different for eligibility for a tuition grant under the Children’s Educational Assistance Program. For questions regarding dependent eligibility, please contact a member of the Benefits Team at 258-3302 or at

Verifying Your Dependent

Prior to enrolling your dependent in one or more of Princeton’s health care plans, you must provide dependent verification documentation for each dependent. Please review the eligible and ineligible dependent definitions above as well as the chart of permissible documentation for the required dependent verification documents.
You can count on support from knowledgeable and responsive HR staff when you have a benefits question or problem. Just call or send us an e-mail to We’re here to help!
While the University intends to continue each of the benefit plans, the University reserves the right to terminate or amend any plan, at any time, and for any reason.