Third Party Administrator

PayFlex is Princeton’s third party administrator for our health benefit and dependent child care expense accounts as well as the parking and transit reimbursement accounts.

You have until March 31 of the year following the calendar year to submit claims for eligible expenses you incurred during the previous calendar year.

Debit Card Feature

PayFlex provides a debit card to all participants who elect a health benefit expense account (HBEA) for the year. At this time, debit cards are not being provided for the dependent child care expense account (DCEA).
All participants have the option to order additional cards, at no cost, for a spouse, adult child or any other qualified dependent. Go to the PayFlex website for more information and to order a card.
You are not be required to utilize the card. You have the option to submit claims for reimbursement directly to PayFlex. Your claims will be processed on a daily basis.

Features of the Debit Card

The debit card is a special purpose MasterCard that can only be used to pay for eligible products and services at any qualifying location where MasterCard is accepted, including hospitals, physician or dental offices, vision service locations and retail and online pharmacies.
Other features include:
  • You will be able to check your account balance and view transactions or claim history on the PayFlex website. You will have the opportunity to choose "Pay Me" and receive reimbursement or "Pay Them" directing the reimbursement to your healthcare provider for each reimbursement.
  • You can use the card for purchasing eligible health care related items, and your HBEA is automatically debited to pay for these eligible expenses. The advantage is you are electronically accessing your HBEA at the point of service so you do not have to pay money out-of-pocket, complete a claim form or wait for a reimbursement.
After using the debit card, certain services may require that you provide documentation for PayFlex to substantiate the claim and to comply with IRS regulations. If a claim requires you to substantiate it, you will receive a "Request for Documentation" letter from PayFlex along with instructions on how to proceed. 
You can count on support from knowledgeable and responsive HR staff when you have a benefits question or problem. Just call or e-mail us. We’re here to help! 
While the University intends to continue each of the benefit plans, the University reserves the right to terminate or amend any plan, at any time, and for any reason.