Group Long Term Care

When you are unable to care for yourself, Princeton University’s Group Long Term Care Plan is designed to help cover the costs of long term or custodial care services.

Long term care services may include assistance in the home with day-to-day activities, care provided in an adult day care center or confinement in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

The plan is voluntary and the costs are at lower group rates. The plan is administered by Genworth Life Insurance Company. Coverage under this program is portable, so it can move with you if you change jobs, retire or leave employment with Princeton.

To learn more about the program:

  • Go to Use Group ID: Princeton and Access Code: groupltc.  
  • Call Genworth at (800) 416-3624, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to request an information kit or to have an expert on the program answer your questions.

Additional Information

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) helps you manage the costs of long term care, and covers skilled, intermediate and custodial care in your home, an adult day care center, an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Long term care support can include help getting dressed, eating, bathing or self-administering medication. LTCI provides coverage for services when they are required for an extended period of time and are not associated with acute care or short-term illness.

Why Long Term Care Insurance?

LTCI can help you:

  •   Protect your retirement savings and assets
  •   Protect your family from the burdens of care giving
  •   Protect your ability to stay in your own home


Premiums are based on your age when you apply and your plan choices. Premiums for an employee and their spouse or partner can be processed through an after-tax payroll deduction. Parents, grandparents, siblings and adult children will be direct billed by Genworth.

Eligibility and Enrollment

The plan is available to all benefits-eligible regular and non-visiting Dean of the Faculty Staff members. In addition to being eligible yourself, other eligible individuals may include your spouse or domestic partner, adult children, siblings, parents and grandparents. Eligible family members must be between the ages of 18 and 75 to be eligible to apply. All applicants must maintain a permanent US residence and have a valid Social Security number or Tax Identification number. Please note, this program is not available to Vermont residents.

If you are under age 66 and enroll within 31 days of your hire date as a benefits-eligible employee, or of becoming newly eligible for benefits, you may apply for long term care insurance by completing an abbreviated medical questionnaire for underwriting. If you do not apply within this time period, you may apply at any time by completing a full medical questionnaire for underwriting.

Your spouse or partner, adult children, siblings, parents and grandparents may apply for group long term care coverage at any time by completing Genworth’s long term care application available online or be contacting Genworth. All coverage is subject to Genworth underwriting and is not guaranteed.

CNA Long Term Care Insurance

CNA stopped offering group long term care insurance to new enrollees as of February 1, 2016. If you are currently covered through CNA, your plan coverage and features will remain the same as long as you continue to pay your premiums. If you are currently paying for your premiums through payroll deductions, these deductions will continue. If you have any questions on your coverage, you may contact CNA at (866) 357-8481.


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