To be eligible to receive an ECCAP award, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. You are a benefits eligible faculty or staff member who is in a paid position and you are in a paid position when the award is distributed. Applicants that are in a "no pay" status will not be eligible for an award. Please note, visiting faculty, visiting academic professionals and visiting fellows are not eligible for an award.
  2. You are married or in a civil union with a spouse or domestic partner, or you are unmarried, including divorced or widowed. Your spouse or partner is (a) employed at least 50 percent part-time and be receiving compensation or (b) eligible to work in the United States and although not currently working, is actively seeking employment for up to one year or (c) a full-time student matriculated in a degree or certificate program or (d) disabled as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. If you are unmarried, your child's other parent is considered a co-applicant. You will need to provide their financial documents in order to be approved for the grant.
  3. You have a prekindergarten-aged child who is your legal dependent, as defined by IRS regulations, and for whom you are legally responsible. The child must share your home for at least half the year. If you are divorced, your child may live with your former spouse. The definition of “child” includes biological, step, adopted, foster, and any other child for whom you are the legal guardian or for whom you have court-awarded custody, and/or the child of your same-sex domestic partner. If your application involves a child of your same-sex domestic partner, you must have an approved Statement of Domestic Partnership on file in the Office of Human Resources.
  4. You have a total annual household income that is not greater than $130,000 (adjusted gross income). Your total adjusted gross income will be increased by any pre-tax contributions to a retirement plan.
  5. Your caregiver must provide a tax ID or Social Security number and is responsible for the appropriate taxes on income received for the care provided. Your caregiver cannot be your spouse, partner or dependent. Childcare must be provided in the United States.   
If you reduce your duty time so that you are no longer benefits-eligible or if you terminate your benefits-eligible employment with Princeton University, you must notify HR immediately by contacting Lynn Herbine, lherbine@princeton.edu, 258-9118. Your ECCAP award will be prorated and cease on the last day you are employed in a benefits-eligible position.  

How to Apply

To be eligible financially, you must submit a completed application to HR that includes financial information about all sources of income for individuals, i.e., you and your co-applicant, who are financially responsible for the child for whom the award applies, which, depending on your individual circumstances, may include (1) birth or adoptive parents, regardless of marital status; (2) legal guardians; or (3) step-parents, depending on the status of the non-custodial birth or adoptive parent.
Upon completing the online application, you will also be required to attach, as applicable, PDF's of:
  • two current pay stubs for co-applicant;
  • previous year’s federal income tax return(s) for both applicant and co-applicant, including all additional Schedules, if applicable;
  • W-2 statement(s) or similar documentation for non-U.S. earnings for both applicant and co-applicant;
  • a statement certifying the average hours worked per week if your co-applicant is self-employed; and
  • course enrollment that indicates a minimum of 12 credits if your co-applicant is a full-time student.
These forms are required whether you file jointly or separately. All financial information received is carefully reviewed, verified and when appropriate, cross-checked with the University’s benefits records.
If your child receives other scholarships, grants or awards to cover the same child care charges, your ECCAP reimbursement may be affected because you may not receive an amount that is greater than your eligible daycare costs. 
All information submitted is confidential and will be used only to administer the ECCAP.
If you have any questions about the ECCAP, please contact Lynn Herbine, at 258-9118, lherbine@princeton.edu.

While the University intends to continue each of the benefit plans, the University reserves the right to terminate or amend any plan, at any time, and for any reason.