How to Obtain Reimbursement

The ECCAP award will be paid to you on a reimbursement basis. PayFlex Systems, USA, a third party vendor, administers child care claim reimbursements.

Steps to Obtain Reimbursement

The ECCAP award will be paid to you as regular earnings on a reimbursement basis after services are incurred. You submit claims for child care expenses on a fiscal year basis. ECCAP expenses must be incurred during the period of the "award year", which is July 1 through June 30. You have until July 31 to submit claims for reimbursement for your ECCAP for the prior award year.  If you do not submit your claim for your ECCAP by July 31, any balance of your ECCAP is forfeited. 

File a Claim

1. You must incur child care expenses before you request reimbursement. The IRS considers an expense to have been "incurred" when you have both paid for the service and received the service. Only child care expenses incurred during the fiscal plan year beginning July 1 are eligible for reimbursement.  

2. Download a claim form or obtain a paper form from the Office of Human Resources at 2 New South.  
3. Complete the claim form and attach a copy of the payment receipt. Your claim must include (a) dates of service, (b) costs of service, and (c) the name of provider. You must obtain the provider’s tax identification or Social Security number to include on Form 2441 that you will be required to attach to your federal income tax return.  

Approval of Eligibility for Reimbursement

1. PayFlex will determine whether the expense incurred is eligible for reimbursement based on ECCAP as well as IRS rules and regulations governing the DCEA plan. Informal or "under the table" child care arrangements are not eligible for reimbursement.  

2. PayFlex will notify the program coordinator that you are approved to receive reimbursement.

Receive Reimbursement

1. The program coordinator will process your taxable ECCAP reimbursement on a monthly basis, bi-weekly faculty and staff will receive their ECCAP once a month. You will receive reimbursements only for expenses that are eligible, incurred and for which there is a sufficient balance in your ECCAP account.  

2. If your account balance is not enough to cover your full claim, you will receive the available balance. Subsequent reimbursements will be issued against your eligible claims as future contributions are credited to your ECCAP account. In other words, the total annual award amount accrues on a monthly basis, and reimbursement is limited to the portion of your award that has actually accrued as of the date your reimbursement request is processed.

All information submitted is confidential and will be used only to administer the ECCAP.
If you have any questions about the ECCAP, please contact Lynn Herbine, at 258-9118,
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