The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion

Princeton University takes pride in the diverse nature of our staff. The distinctiveness of knowledge and differences of viewpoint are reflected in the mix of cultures, ages, levels of experience, range of skills and widely varied backgrounds among the individuals who comprise our workforce.

President Shirley M. Tilghman has said, “Diversifying our community continues to be of critical importance to the University. If we are to remain a pre-eminent institution, we must call upon the talents of gifted individuals from all backgrounds in our staff and faculty, as well as in our student body.”

In your role as a manager, you are in a unique position to engage people with different perspectives in your decision processes, to encourage staff to express their ideas and, importantly, to voice acceptance of those ideas as true for the individual. This is the heart of inclusion.

Our diversity and our ability to include and incorporate the knowledge and perspectives of our rich mix of staff members is what enables Princeton University’s workforce to innovate and support the University’s academic excellence. 

It Starts with You

As a hiring manager, you begin the chain of events that leads to attracting individuals who bring not only the best combination of skills and abilities to a job, but also the diverse approaches to work that enable collective and individual growth.
And, each time you hire an employee, your role is to create an environment of acceptance among your staff that exemplifies the value we place on our distinctiveness as individuals and on the common humanity that unites us all.
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