Hiring Process Overview

Two of your most important responsibilities as a hiring manager are to make sure you have clearly described the job and its requirements and to select a candidate who is appropriately qualified to perform it successfully.

The best way to accomplish these is to follow our step-by-step hiring process. In many ways, the process is as important as the person you hire.
Following each step not only will ensure the best possible outcome for your search, it also will ensure that applicable employment laws and regulations as well as the University’s practices and policies are followed.
Please consult with your talent acquisition specialist or your senior HR manager before beginning a search for a position covered by a labor union represented on the campus. Under the collective bargaining agreement, there may be different criteria for processes such as promotion, and transfer.
As a reminder, it is important to treat the hiring process confidentially. You should not discuss the applicant pool or candidates under consideration with anyone not directly involved in the search process. 
You can count on support from knowledgeable and responsive HR staff when you have a question or problem. Just call or send us an e-mail. We’re here to help!

The Hiring Process

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  • Step 1: Review Your Organization & Needs

      Whether you plan to fill a vacancy or create a new position, this is an opportunity to assess your own goals for your department. Ask yourself, "What do I really need?"  Read more...

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  • Step 2: Gain Approvals & Classification

      Whether you are creating a new position, reclassifying an existing one or replacing a vacancy, you’ll first have to contact the senior HR manager who works with your department to help you make sure you have the requisite budget and management approvals to proceed with filling the job. A senior HR manager can help you think through your staffing needs and organizational structure and work with you if you want to reorganize any positions.  Read more...

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  • Step 3: Create a Job Requisition

      Once the position is approved and classified, or, if you are not making any changes to an existing position, you’ll need to detail the requirements of the job using the job requisition on the Jobs at Princeton website.  Read more...

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  • Step 4: Gaining Posting Approval for the Position

      Once you’ve completed and submitted the job requisition online using the Jobs at Princeton website, a final review of the requisition and job posting information will occur and, if any changes are necessary, you will be contacted before the posting is approved.  Read more...

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  • Step 5: Posting the Job and Developing Your Recruiting Strategy

      The staffing specialist will approve and post the job on Jobs at Princeton. Normally, positions appear on the Jobs at Princeton site for at least five business days. But, if you determine that you’ll need more time to reach a larger audience, the job may be posted until an appropriate applicant pool is developed or, in some cases, until the position is filled.  Read more...

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  • Step 6: Screening Applicants

      During your recruitment strategy discussion with the staffing specialist, the two of you will decide who will screen applicants for the position.

      From the Jobs at Princeton site, all applicants will receive an online confirmation of receipt of his or her application.  Read more...

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  • Step 7: Interviewing

      Once you’ve determined that your pool of applicants is sufficient and which applicants are continuing in the search process, you’ll coordinate with your staffing specialist to conduct in-person interviews.   Read more...

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  • Step 8: References & Background Checks

      The purpose of reference checks and background checks is to verify facts stated by a candidate during the interview, to clarify any doubts or concerns you have about a candidate’s background or qualifications and to validate your assessment.  Read more...

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  • Step 9: Final Candidate Review, Selection & the Offer

      After completing the interview and reference checks, you will consult with your staffing specialist to finalize your selection decision.  Read more...

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  • Step 10: Closing the Search

      To close the search, you will complete and sign a search summary report, have your office head sign it and return it to your staffing specialist. By signing the form, you are attesting that you completed the search in compliance with the University’s policies and applicable external laws and regulations.  Read more...

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