Using Jobs at Princeton

For Managers

Jobs at Princeton is an easy-to-use, web-based tool used to manage the employment application and recruitment processes at Princeton.   

The Jobs at Princeton site enables you to:  
  • Create and submit a job requisition to the Staffing specialist;
  • View the applications of individuals who have applied for your job posting;
  • Allow others, such as search committee members, to access your posting as guest users; and
  • Gives you an easy way to notify the Staffing specialist of your decisions about the status of each applicant.  
To access the managers’ area of the system, open a web browser and go to  Log in using your Princeton netID as your User Name and your Princeton LDAP password.
If you’ve never used the Jobs at Princeton site, the tutorial will give you a quick overview of the system. In addition, there is a useful Hiring Manager's User Guide and Hiring Managers Quick Reference for your review.  Please contact your Staffing specialist to establish an account or if you need assistance in using the system.