Onboarding Information for New Employees

Before You Start Work

You will receive your confirmation letter and a new hire packet from the Office of Human Resources by mail prior to your first day of work. It will include forms and information about New Hire Orientation, which new employees are scheduled to attend, usually your first day of work. We collect most of the new employee forms at the orientation. Some of the payroll related processes such as the W-4 tax withholding and direct deposit enrollment may be completed online through HR Self Service.

About New Hire Orientation

During the orientation program, you will:
  • learn about critical policies and procedures, and receive the staff handbook “Working at Princeton;”
  • complete new hire paperwork necessary for onboarding;
  • learn about benefits offered at the University, including deadlines for enrollment; and
  • hear about services provided by Human Resources and other key offices.

Payroll & Human Resources Processes

Newly hired staff should bring their new hire packet and completed forms to the orientation session.  Some of the payroll related forms such as the W-4 form and direct deposit enrollment may be completed online through HR Self Service.
Faculty and academic professionals should complete these forms through HR Self Service; send them to the Office of Payroll at Princeton University, 701 Carnegie Center, Suite 154, Princeton, NJ 08544; or drop them off at the Office of Human Resources at 2 New South.
Your completed forms, including the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification and Personal Data Sheet, enable the University to enter your work-related personal information into the University’s databases for payroll, taxes and, if you choose, direct deposit of your paycheck into a bank account. In your packet you will find information about the appropriate documentation you need to complete the I-9 form.
At orientation, we also collect your signed copy of your offer letter.
Pennsylvania residents also need to fill out form called the State of New Jersey Employee’s Certificate of Non-Residence in New Jersey.
A parking permit form is included in your new hire packet or you can register on the Transportation & Parking website. If you plan to drive to campus, you will receive a parking lot designation to allow you to park without a fee in one of Princeton’s parking lots.
To obtain a Princeton University identification card, submit a digital photo with blank background to tigercard@princeton.edu prior to attending New Hire Orientation. If you are unable to submit a photo in advance, one will be taken at New Hire Orientation. In addition to serving as a form of ID, this card allows you access to various University libraries and the gym and gives you the ability to use it as a debit card at the various eating facilities on campus if you opt to put money on it.
If you are hired into a job that belongs to the Service Employee International Union (SEIU), you will also complete a union membership card.
If you are hired into a job and assigned to an E-Verify contract, HR will verify your eligibility to work.  For more information, visit the E-Verify Web page or read our frequently asked questions.
If you need any assistance in filling out the forms or directions to Human Resources, call us at (609) 258-3000.

Benefits Enrollment

In your new hire packet, you’ll find information about choosing benefit plans that best meet your personal needs. During your orientation session, you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about the University’s generous and comprehensive benefits and how to enroll through HR Self Service.
In most plans, you need to enroll within 31 days of hire. If you do not enroll in a medical plan within the designated timeframe, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the University’s health care plan that covers you (and not your dependents) for catastrophic medical expenses only.

Before Your First Day on the Job

Before you start work, or on the same day you start work if you begin work very soon after you are hired, someone in your department will likely:
  • set up your email account, your network ID, your telephone and voice mail account (if you have your own office or cubicle) and
  • inform the people in your department as well as others on campus with whom you will work that you are joining the staff.
If you work in a department with shared work space, supplies, computers and telephones, you will likely be assigned a place to keep your personal belongings. You will have your own email account and network ID and, in some situations, a telephone voicemail account.
Some employees are required to wear uniforms to work. Please check with your supervisor as practices vary by department.
In the event of severe inclement weather, new hire orientation may be postponed. Princeton University has a weather emergency telephone line giving updated information relating to delayed openings or closings. The telephone number is (609) 258-SNOW (258-7669).

Again, welcome to Princeton University. If you ever need assistance, you can count on support from knowledgeable and responsive HR staff when you have a question or problem. Just call or send us an email. We’re here to help!