Onboarding Information for New Employees

Your First Month

Once you’ve become somewhat familiar with the basics of being a new member of Princeton University’s staff, most of your first month will be spent doing your job and getting much more involved in charting the course of your employment at Princeton University.

In keeping with the University’s dedication to excellence, our departments are committed to the enhancement of your own performance. If you are a manager, you’ll probably want to assess the needs of your staff in terms of growth and development. As an employee, you should talk to your manager about what they expect of you in your job over the coming weeks and months.
Part of enhancing your performance and the performance of others will be gaining an overall understanding of your department’s performance management cycle and the timing and general procedures for performance appraisals and salary increases.

Establishing Goals

In collaboration, you and your manager may spend time during the first month developing specific goals and expectations. At some point, these will be formalized in writing and put into order of importance. It is likely that your goals will include time frames for completion as well as specific, measurable and attainable results.

Assessing Your Progress

When you set your goals, you and your manager also may agree on the timing of formal and informal performance evaluations – whether they are periodic or every year. During your first year, you may want to request ongoing feedback often on your progress. Not only is it a way to show that you want to succeed on the job, but is an opportunity for your manager to coach you on how you can be even better in your role on the team.

Developing a Training Plan

In the first month, you and your manager may develop a plan for training. Human Resources’ Learning & Development team and other departments sponsor training classes and programs in many areas that can help you learn everything from communication skills to computer expertise.
As you become more familiar with your job, and as your manager learns more about you, they also might suggest people and departments that can be involved in helping you get up to speed quickly and assist you with your long-term growth and development.

Assessing & Discussing Your First Month

Toward the end of your first month, you’ll likely have opportunities to talk with your manager about your impressions of the job. Managers are busy, so we encourage you to suggest this discussion.
During this dialog, whether it is formal or informal, it’s an opportunity for you to give your own feedback and suggestions about how to make the most of your on-the-job experience and the expertise you bring to your position. It’s also an opportunity to listen to your manager’s thoughts about how you are doing in your new role.

Other Benefits You Will Learn About

At New Hire Orientation you received information about the benefits of working at Princeton that are available to you, including the credit union, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance, the libraries, Prospect House, Dillon and Jadwin Gyms, and a host of other programs and events available to University employees. This information is in the Working at Princeton handbook and throughout the University website. Other sources of information are the Princeton Weekly Bulletin and the Princeton Alumni Weekly.
Again, welcome to Princeton University. If you ever need assistance, you can count on support from knowledgeable and responsive HR staff when you have a question or problem. Just call or send us an email. We’re here to help!