Donald Griffin ’23 Management Award

The Donald Griffin ’23 Management Award offers an annual opportunity for professional development for managers and administrators whose experience and current responsibilities indicate potential for leadership and continuing contribution to the University. Two $2,500 grants are awarded annually to an employee in administrative grades one through five and administrative grades six through ten to enable the individuals to participate in professional activities that can result in new insights and perspectives, renewed motivation, or enhanced skills which can be applied to his or her current responsibilities.  


Nominees are expected to have the potential for leadership by having demonstrated the following three leadership traits:

  • affect others positively by motivating, encouraging and enabling them to act
  • be able to learn or develop a new skill or behavior and apply it on the job
  • look for and act upon opportunities to foster collaboration with others by promoting cooperative goals, making connections and providing support and advice
In order to be nominated, nominees must have both of the following:
  • held administrative or managerial positions for the past three years at the University
  • experience and current responsibilities that indicate a potential for leadership and continuing contribution to the University

 Submission Process

  • Anyone can recommend an employee to the potential nominee’s manager, supervising faculty member, vice president or dean. It is encouraged that this be a collaborative process between the nominee and their manager.
  • Only a vice president, dean or academic chair or director can submit a nomination.
  • The nomination should consist of:
    • a nomination form completed by the sponsoring vice president, dean or academic chair or director; and
    • a document, not to exceed three pages, that should include:
      • a description, written by the nominee’s manager, about the individual’s accomplishments and how he or she demonstrates the potential to become a leader;
      • a proposal from the nominee that outlines the professional conference, academic program or specific course work the candidate believes will contribute to his or her individual professional development as well as to the larger mission of the department and the University;
      • a breakdown of program costs including the program itself and any associated travel, transportation and accommodations, if applicable; and
      • a description, written by the nominee, of the educational goals, details and/or objectives and how they will align with and be applied to the nominee’s work at the departmental and institutional level.
  • The deadline for submitting a nomination and supporting information is January 15, 2014.
  • All information should be sent to Maureen Connolly, Office of Human Resources, 2 New South. Electronic submissions can be e-mailed to Maureen Connolly.


Award recipients can use the grant to participate in professional activities scheduled within the next year of receiving the award as described in their nomination proposal. Courses eligible for reimbursement under the University’s Staff Educational Assistance Plan are excluded. When preparing the nomination, consider additional information for tips on writing the nomination as well as programs or associations to consider. Individuals looking for guidance on writing nominations can contact John Weeren, director of the Princeton Writes program and former speechwriter to President Emerita Shirley M. Tilghman. John can provide help with structuring nominations as well as proofreading. 

Award recipients will be invited to attend the annual staff Service Recognition Luncheon on March 27, 2014, in Jadwin Gymnasium, where they will be introduced and recognized. Please watch for announcements on the HR homepage or Announcements section of this website.

For more information, contact Maureen Connolly, 258-8774.