Core Learning Curriculum

The Office of Human Resources offers formal learning solutions for managers and staff members through our Core Learning Curriculum. For managers, a key purpose is to develop core management skills. For all employees, we offer developmental courses on essential topics, including feedback, communication, trust, conflict, customer service, presentation skills and time management. 

Core Learning Curriculum

Our Core Learning Curriculum is based on the skills employees tell us they need. Each year, our commitment to you is to offer classes that are essential to your development. We will continue to modify and assess the class topics to ensure your needs are being met. 

Management Development Certificate

As part of our Core Learning Curriculum, we offer a Management Development Certificate Program to: 
  • provide learners with a structured, holistic learning experience targeting the key skills and competencies needed to manage effectively, regardless of whether you are an experienced or a first time manager;
  • enable individuals who aspire to become managers to learn about managing and to acquire skills that are targeted for first time managers; and
  • recognize employees who are committed to learning and continuous improvement.
We can help you choose the learning opportunity that’s right for you or your department. Just call or send us an e-mail. We’re here to help!