Embracing Change

Learn how to effectively recognize change, explore change as well as commit to change.  This course focuses on the role of the individual contributors taking part in change in the workplace. 

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Do you or your employees feel “blindsided” by change because they were not involved up front?
  • Are you or your employees reluctant to change because you or they like things the way they are or fear that your or their skills won’t be as important after the change?
  • Do you find that productivity decreases when something changes at work? 

Performance Objectives

  • Commit to and take ownership of change.
  • Effectively recognize change, explore change, and overcome personal resistance to change.
  • Minimize the negative impact on individuals, work groups, and the organization of not adapting to change.
  • Demonstrate an embracing change mind-set that influences others to embrace workplace change. 
All employees including senior - level managers
Course Length:
Four hours
Certified Princeton Facilitator
Elective (E)