Coaching for Success

Learn a proven coaching process to ensure managers can identify coaching opportunities, provide needed coaching and support, and observe performance and measure results until desired outcomes are achieved. Help people achieve goals and avoid problems creating a positive experience for the coach and those being coached. 

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Do you spend your time getting individuals back on track instead of setting them up for success?
  • Are you missing opportunities to expand the capabilities of your work group?
  • Do you tell people what to do rather than encourage involvement and build commitment?

Performance Objectives

  • Prepare people to handle challenging situations and tasks successfully.
  • Expand your team’s capabilities to give the organization a competitive edge.
  • Delegate with confidence in your team's ability to assume new responsibilities.
  • Spend less time reacting to problems because you have prepared your work group to succeed.
Primary Audience:
First-time through mid-level managers
Secondary Audience
Employees who aspire to be managers
Course Length:
Four hours
Managing Effective Interactions is highly recommended as a prerequisite to this class to achieve an optimal learning experience.
Certified Princeton Facilitator
Elective (E)