How to Find the Right College for Your Child & the Money to Pay for it

Do you have a child in high school who is planning to go to college but you find the process to be somewhat overwhelming? Is it hard to know where to go for good, unbiased advice? 

This introductory presentation covers the following topics:
  • Is it worthwhile to save for college?
  • The role of personality assessment and career planning.
  • How to organize a college list.
  • Preparing for the SAT and ACT.
  • What types of financial aid are available to meet the high cost.
  • Admission plans, applications and deadlines.
  • How admission committees evaluate an applicant’s credentials.

All employees who have high school aged children
Presentation Length:
One hour
Don Betterton, former director of financial aid at Princeton and long-time member of the admission committee
Not eligible