Building Winning Partnerships

Identify your role in establishing alliances among work groups, management and customers when applicable. You will learn how to establish effective partnerships to meet needs by developing strategies for gaining people’s commitment to working together.

Do you face any of these issues? 

  • Are partnerships strained across your organization, or do organizational silos exist?
  • Do managers understand their role in building partnerships?
  • Do managers encourage partnerships?
  • Do managers fear other groups on their turf?
  • Have partnerships stalled or failed because there is no designated leadership?

Performance Objectives

  • Establish an operational framework for a partnership through effective communication.
  • Work with internal and external partners to achieve shared goals and win-win situations for all.
  • Successfully monitor and enhance partnerships.
  • Overcome the challenges that often cause partnerships to veer off course.

All employees up through seniorlevel managers
Course Length:
Four hours
Certified Princeton Facilitator
Elective (E)