Delegating for Results

In this class, managers overcome their hesitation to delegate by learning skills for successfully matching people, responsibility and authority. This allows them to maximize involvement, productivity, motivation and growth for individuals, groups and the organization. 

Performance Objectives

  • Identify tasks and responsibilities that can and should be delegated and determine the most effective method of allocating them.
  • Assess the scope of delegated tasks and identify the appropriate level of authority and support to give the people doing the work.
  • Use a set of criteria to select the best people for tasks and responsibilities.
  • Use the Interaction Process to conduct delegation discussions that meet personal and practical needs.
  • Determine methods for monitoring the process of delegations that will allow you to stay in touch without getting in the way.
  • Identify barriers to delegation and tactics for overcoming them.

All employees including senior-level managers
Course Length:
Four hours
Certified Princeton Facilitator
Elective (E)