Conducting Effective Interviews

The selection of a new employee represents a major investment for Princeton University and the applicant. Poor hiring decisions can have a significant negative impact within and outside the University, including lost time and money, mistakes on the job and decreased productivity, employee morale and customer service.

This class is a follow-up to the Legal Aspects of Supervision class in which participants will build skills to:

  • effectively conduct interviews through the basis of competencies
  • learn how to ask follow-up questions to get usable data 
  • maintain legal standards

Performance Objectives

  • Recognize the costs and risks associated with poor hiring decisions.
  • Ask interview questions that focus on job-related competencies.
  • Seek information about an applicant's motivation for the job.
  • Avoid asking questions that could be illegal.
  • Evaluate the data collected in the interview, learn how to use it and what to do next.

Hiring managers
Course Length:
Two morning, three-hour sessions or one seven-hour class with a lunch break
Certified Princeton Facilitator
Elective (E)